Best of Instagram: Fashion & Street Style Photography

Here I am, back with another ‘Best of Instagram’ – man that title just gets sexier and sexier. This week I’d like to give props to some of my favourite Fashion & Street Style Photography ‘grammers.

Whilst it’s true that you can also get some excellent ‘breaking news’ images on the accounts of fashion editors and style reporters, more often than not they tend to be of the blurred, fuzzy variety, and unless the editor you’re following is a good one, you run the risk of getting an image of someone else’s head blocking the closing outfit of the show. Gutted.

So, below I present to you 5 instagrammers who specialise in bringing us beautiful, edgy, photographs of beautiful, edgy people. Starting with…

@thesartorialist… Just kidding! We all (excluding my Dad) know about Scott Schuman’s super-site, so I’d like to give some (read ‘no’ – you’re welcome guys) exposure to a few of the less well known ones, that I have discovered and enjoyed very much over the last few months.

@On Abbot Kinney

This is not as it might first appear a Time Out guide to Venice Beach’s most stylish block – happy place – but is in fact the website of NYC-based fashion photographer and writer Michael C. Dumler. He finds the beautiful people so you don’t have to. The images are invariably of models, so there’s a danger you may start to feel a bit worthless and fugly but if your ego is robust enough to keep you scrolling, you will be rewarded with stunningly luminous photographs of some seriously stylish subjects.


One of my absolute faves. Endless ‘View older entries’ means the hours go past like minutes so you can perv to your hearts content on fashionable lads and lasses, though I must say some folk on this site do look like they take themselves rather seriously (though none of the ones pictured here). Come on guys, they’re only clothes after all! The best thing about the website, is that it provides suggestions of where to appropriate the looks from – most helpful indeed.


Off Catwalk is Street Style from New York by photographer Jonathan Lopez-Espinoza. The simple yet effective layout lets the photographs do the talking, and I’m especially fond of the ‘Accessories’ category, some truly brave women exhibiting some truly unique footwear and handbags. Glorious stuff.

@Fashionistable (Dvora)

Dvora should be awarded some sort of medal for making the hard working ladies of London very happy indeed. I bumped into her once outside the Saatchi Gallery when she stopped me to ask if she could take my photograph and then dropped in the most wonderful news ever imparted to me, that she was in fact taking photos for British Vogue’s ‘Street Style’ section. It was one of the better days of my life. Thank you Dvora.


Erm, these guys are pros. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best, most dynamic on Instagram but they’ve got all bases covered if you know what I mean. They basically aggregate photos of fashion shows as they happen, ensuring you see every look from every designer almost as soon as the show has started. The website also has a fantastic Street Style section, as well as a News and Trends tab to keep you updated on the deeply crucial breaking news of the fashion world. It’s a Reuters/Bloomberg type service, only prettier and marginally less depressing.



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